4 Ways AI is Already Impacting Our Daily Lives

4 Ways AI is Already Impacting Our Daily Lives

You might hear a lot about the ways artificial intelligence is going to transform our lives in the future, but you hear far less about the ways AI has transformed our lives up to now. If we look closely, we’ll see hundreds of small and large ways AI has transformed the way we live, the way we spend our time, the way we spend our money, and much more. In this article, we’ll take a deep dive into these changes and talk about their impact.

1 It is Impacting Our Social Lives

The way we reach out and interact with other people has changed a lot in recent years. We, nowadays, interact with people on social media as much as we do in real life, and this has had wide-reaching ramifications that we are still figuring out.
One thing is clear in all this, however, and it is the impact of AI algorithms on these interactions. It is AI algorithms that comply with our timelines and shows us the posts we see, it is AI algorithms that decide who to put first in the list of online friends in the sidebar, and it is AI algorithms that decide which posts are worthy of notification and which aren’t.

2 It is Impacting The Way We Entertain Ourselves

What are the common ways we entertain ourselves nowadays? Watching movies and TV shows on Netflix? Watching videos on YouTube? Playing video games on our consoles? Even driving around in our cars and strolling through the city?
These are all more or less impacted by artificial intelligence algorithms. Netflix is spending millions of dollars on creating an AI algorithm that makes smart recommendations. All single-player campaigns in games rely on AI. YouTube relies on AI heavily to fill up lists of recommendations. And even driving is relying more and more on AI: today’s cars

3 It is Impacting the Way We Shop

The way we shop both online and OFFLINE has been profoundly impacted by AI algorithms: Did you know that big retailers like Walmart spend millions of dollars on AI algorithms to come up with the most efficient ways they can place products around their stores. Every product placement is strategically calculated to maximize profits. Every coupon, ad, and offer they send out is research by AI algorithms to determine its efficacy.
AI in online shopping is much more pervasive and apparent. The items online shops store, the items they recommend, etc. are all recommended by AI algorithms if you’re dealing with a large, professional online retailer like Amazon.

4 It is Impacting the Way We Seek Help

AI is also even impacting the way we seek assistance and help as well. Aside from the plethora of machine learning applications in healthcare, which much more directly impacts our health and healthcare, we have little things like Google Assistant and Alexa that are seeping into every living room. We no longer ask our parents, our coworkers, our significant others for help with most things, we are asking our digital assistants. This is yet another small way that AI is transforming our lives. 


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