Marketing Tips for eCommerce Merchants Accepting Crypto Payments

Marketing Tips for eCommerce Merchants Accepting Crypto Payments

It was only recently that eCommerce and land-based merchants began accepting crypto payments for merchandise or services. However, within just the past few years, a growing number of merchants have added this payment platform to their existing card processing services. If marketed well, this can have a huge draw on new customers and that, in itself, is likely to exponentially increase your business’ profits. Here are some tips to help make that happen as you launch your newest marketing campaign.

Address Payment Security Concerns

One of the reasons why so many people still avoid shopping online is due to the huge amount of fraud they are subjected to. If you could count the money global eCommerce merchants lost, just this year alone, to chargebacks due to fraud, you’d have enough money to house and feed an entire small city for a year.
By focusing on the safety and security inherent in blockchain technology, you can win over a huge segment of those consumers who were previously afraid to trust their financial information to transmissions in cyberspace. Along with promoting the knowledge that they can use an crypto converter to convert various cryptocurrencies to fiat, the combination of marketing strategies can grow your market base significantly.

Name an Item or Service After the Crypto Accepted

This is something that had a huge amount of success for KFC stores in Canada. Although they aren’t an eCommerce chain, the principle is the same. They named one of their popular buckets the Bitcoin Bucket and immediately noticed an increase in revenue. It doesn’t matter what you sell or what kinds of services you offer on your eCommerce site, you can have the same kind of success when naming something after one of the leading cryptocurrencies.

Post Ads on Crypto Trading Sites

One of the key elements of a successful marketing strategy is to carefully identify your market. When accepting crypto payments on your eCommerce site, where do you think you’d find the most receptive audience to market to? That’s right! You’d find the most receptive audience on crypto trading sites and blogs.
These consumers are already familiar with crypto and many already have crypto in cold storage as well as some in a hot wallet they could spend right now, today! They are familiar with the technology, and they have the money (crypto) to spend. Why not place ads on those sites, join their social sites and use any means available to tell them they can safely shop with you.

Pass Those Savings On

One last thing you could do would be to tell consumers about how you intend to share the money saved in chargebacks with them. You don’t need to go into exact details but by saying that crypto avoids fraud, your business can save a huge amount of money. Further, you are willing to share those savings with them. It’s amazing how little consumers really know about the issues eCommerce merchants face daily but if they did, they’d applaud you for finally accepting the securest payment platform available – a true win-win for all involved.


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