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5 Reasons to Invest in Bitcoin

Sign up for the Roger Report Newsletter: As we dive into June and we look at some market correction and setting a foundation for future growth. I wanted to take a step back and go to the beginning of why people buy Bitcoin in the first place or, as a personal opinion, why I would…

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Gold vs Bitcoin: Best Investment in 2019?

Gold and Bitcoin are seen by many as safe-havens with the global economy and stock markets set for a recession. But which one is better? Watch our comparison of Gold vs Bitcoin, as we discuss their merits. Other videos you might find interesting: Gold Price Analysis to 2020 – Silver Price Analysis Ending 2019 -…

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Market Insights | Bubbles, Bitcoin and Blockchain | Fisher Investments

In this Fisher Investments Market Insights video, our own K.C. Ellis discusses what we think investors need to know about Bitcoin, blockchain and recent cryptocurrency hype. Put in proper perspective, cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, act more like speculative commodities than currencies or investments. Putting too much into such a speculative bet could risk investors’ financial health.…

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Is Smart Money Investing in Bitcoin? | Role of Venture Capitalists in Cryptocurrency | Crypto Funds

Bitcoin, blockchain and ICOs. Are VCs across the world investing into Bitcoin? Are they investing into ICOs? —————————————————————————————————- Mem and Pete discuss the money that has been flowing into cryptocurrency from traditional VCs. Bitcoin, ICOs and other companies utilizing blockchain technology are still able to raise money from venture capitalist despite the Bitcoin bear market…

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